A Bit More About Me


About me

Software Developer. Full stack web engineer with the following specialties:

  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Ruby
  • Ruby on Rails
  • HTML
  • Sass

Hi, I'm Rhys, based in Sydney, Australia. I have always been interested in IT. At high school I studied Software Design and Development, creating small programs with Visual Basic and multi page websites with Dreamweaver.

I'm an qualified electrician with over ten years experience in the trade, working as part of a team to deliver major new capital infrastructure investments such as the Kooragang 132kV substation. Recently I have been helping roll out advanced interval meters as part of the Australian Energy Market Operators reforms to the Australian energy network.

Although I really enjoyed my work, I decided to seek further challenges and began to learn web development online with TheOdinProject.com. After a few weeks I was hooked and rediscovered my passion for coding. Setting up a development environment and working on my own computer was great fun, and pushing the code to GitHub to share with the open source community for feedback was a thrill.

I am passionate about building beautiful websites, incorporating multiple languages into my workflow, implementing creative solutions for challenging problems, and most of all being able to make a difference. I have been practicing and honing my skills for over two years, focusing on the Ruby on Rails and React frameworks whilst working hard on Ruby and JavaScript to have a solid foundation of the basic programming skills.

Hobbies and Interests

I'm an active moderator on The Odin Project, helping to add features to the Rails application and keeping the curriculum up to date. I create pull requests to close issues and plan new features on the Trello board. I review and merge pull requests in order to keep the site up to date and secure.

Rhys in Bell 47

Bell 47 VH-UTF after first solo. Slow, smooth and comfortable, the perfect helicopter to learn rotary wing flying.

My other great passion apart from coding is my love of flying. I hold dual Australian licences for fixed wing and rotary aircraft. My first lessons were on a Cessna 140 manufactured in 1946, a rugged and simple aircraft. I enjoyed the challenge immensely, exploring new parts of the country along the way with many lessons learn, particularly the importance of meticulous planning on navigation exercises.

After gaining my fixed wing licence I moved onto Helicopters to achieve my life long dream. Having already somewhat mastered the basics in the Cessna, the learning curve was still steep but very enjoyable.

Get in Touch

Please be one of those people and find me online and say hi! If you have something you think we could collaborate on or want to know about the qualities I could bring to your business, you can contact me or get in touch with any of the social media icons below.